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EnergyBank | Your Tasmanian Solar Experts

EnergyBank is a subsidiary of CBM Sustainability Group, and specialises in assisting individuals and organisations to reduce their energy use and associated carbon footprint.

EnergyBank employs a team of energy consultants and contractors who can undertake solar power and energy monitoring projects from initial scoping and design, through to installation and commissioning. We have offices in Launceston, Melbourne and NSW Central Coast, allowing us to offer our services around Australia.

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Products and services we offer…

Solar Power

We specialise in solar power systems for both residential and commercial applications.

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Energy Auditing

We can determine where energy is being used, and identify opportunities to reduce energy usage.

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Energy Efficiency

We can provide advice and equipment to reduce energy usage in commercial and industrial facilities.

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Energy Monitoring

Monitor your energy usage and solar output in real time, and from anywhere in the world with our myENERGY system.

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